Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gallery Opera- Monaco

I am enjoying art at Gallery Opera in Monaco

As an artist I love to visit galleries for inspiration and explore creativity of other artists. It is so refreshing for the mind exploring something different every single day if possible! I love experiencing new things because it makes my life enriched of excitements.  What a beautiful art gallery found in Monaco. They collected art from all over the world with different techniques. I truly do wish one day I also have my art at Gallery Opera. It worth to visit this gallery whenever you are in Monte Carlo because of its unique taste!

Touring Gallery Opera in Monaco


This piece was one of the kind with space in between and clocks working. I wonder how they made it by attaching each clock and create a figure of a man!

One of my favourite art. Imagine having this at meeting room 😂

I would expect such kind of art from my prince. He is very creative and full of imagination!

This reminded me of my own abstract art!

The lady in the gallery told me the same artist/photographer who made this also created a cover for Rihanna!  I love that album from Rihanna.

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