Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Natasha Shyrose as Blackrose 2008 
Dress Designed by Natasha Shyrose 
My Designer name?
Odd Is Bold
(Those are actual some of my inborn personalities) 

One of the dresses I designed back in the days when I was just 18 years old! It has the longest split ever :) It is nice drawing things and turn them into reality. I have always enjoyed to design and this dress is brand new into my closet. At times people around me thinks I have a lot of new clothes but as the matter of fact I am very good at taking care of what I have. So this dress is very old and others are almost like 10-15 years old and people always thinks its a new dress. Secret read the washing instruction and all soft materials you should consider to either dry-clean or do hand wash with non-perfumed bathing soaps. You will keep your dresses longer but again each year I have to remove clothes from my closet and create space for something new. The old luckiest clothes stays into my closet. I have been extremely busy this week with arranging and re-arranging, working with my assignment and monitor the clothes I designed one load awaits before I start taking photos of the beautiful models on my Summer/Spring Collection. I have designed simple and classic collection something Mette Marit would have loved to try. If you do not know who Mette Marit is well she is the wife of the Prince of Norway. I love her style big time. I decided to be little reserved on this collection because all my costumers are elegant women who needs something they can feel sexy and classic into it. So I decided to create something like that but still I will have few things to whoever wants to feel hot and classic yet not nude! 
I will update you once the collection is on the official website :)

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