Thursday, March 28, 2013


This woman has been making a lot of East African laughing. The first clip I saw of her was a man trying to ask her out and she took full charge of the whole conversation. The guy freaked out it was just a way that to show that women are lied to by blind-dates waiting for calls that never happen and given wrong numbers after the whole thing ;) Here is one of her clip in full english but she uses local language as Luganda from Uganda. Luckly I do understand most of it :) 
Enjoy and subscribe her on youtube!


This reminded me of my so called friends!
"Lucky her who got a cup my so called friends were always broke - Even their mouths were too broke to say something positive...Relationship is about to give and take. Even nice words of encouragement means something" I am happy to cut out all selfish, needy friends who shows up only when they need something. Are we supposed to call them friends? I hope you have real friends who are not selfish. I am so sick of it I just want to throw up. I have been living through this for over 10.......Now they know that I know so they have found other friends to milk......................

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