Saturday, October 8, 2016


This is another hot spot I like in Dar-Es-Salaam. I love it mostly in the morning but at times in the evening you can enjoy live band! Not to mention waves from the ocean hitting the walls of the restaurant. I just love the sound from the sea its beautiful and mind calming. I prefer mornings because most places are extremely calm and not so many people. I truly love quiet moments to have total relaxation or really great parties. I have no between either too high live place or so calm that I just want to hear nature. If I am to attend a party it has to be real life into it or I see no purpose of going out. For those who wonders why they do not see me at certain places it might be too boring to worth my time and call it a party. That is why I would rather have quiet moment instead to be reflective, creative or think of absolutely nothing!
Beautiful garden and plants so green with plenty of sunshine! 
Feeling the sunshine enjoying the moment with my twin at the brunch. It was a wonderful moment indeed and appreciate every little second of it from the beautiful conversation and quiet moments. Yes we can actually do that in my family we are sort of special people who prefers "ME-TIME" despite being together. One does not need to talk all the time but instead spend the moment together while relaxing! I enjoyed discussing with my twin from science, aeroplanes, global warming, music, arts and metaphysics! 

My twin enjoying the delicious brunch!
Warning this place does serve big portions. We had no idea my prince wanted cheese spaghetti with chicken and I thought that will not be enough. That is why there was an extra pizza but when food arrived it was way too much to handle! It was somehow very funny especially when we had no one around to ask to join us. We had to  make a take away. I walk with my food packages with pride no matter which restaurant I go if I have extra food. I see no point of throwing food and buy again when I get hungry. I also think of poverty on earth worldwide not least the rich people who are greedy to share their food even when they invite you for dinner at their homes. True story never mind but its great to think of others and environment too! 

                                                   Beautiful seaview from Seacliff!

           100 reasons to love Africa but the sea, weather and fresh organic food is heaven on earth!

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