Saturday, September 24, 2016


Natasha Shyrose in Dar-Es-Salaam.

I had beautiful three months in Africa. Everyday was either full relaxation, enjoyable activities or filled with networking on my business. I had like only 2 unpleasant episodes beside that I truly enjoyed myself fully! That is what I truly needed more than anything in my life a very long holiday. I love travelling and experience new things or do things that I normally find special interest on. I wished to with you beauty of Africa that media hardly show you. Just incase that stops you from travelling to places like East Africa from this blog you will get opportunity to explore lifestyle and travelling in Africa. I am not so good at taking photos of all events like most bloggers. At times one just wants to feel the moment and enjoy it. Not to mention it feels funny to photograph every single thing in front of me all the time. Since I decided to blog that is a sacrifice one has to make. Snap it and share the moment. 

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful place to visit in East Africa. Hopefully next time I can share events from other parts of Africa like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi or South Africa. I have of course been into those places because I have family and special interest too on above mentioned places! Being a nomadic makes exploring much easier because moving is in my blood! I love to experience but I promise you next time to be 100 times better to take photos. I will carry a camera with me not just mobile photos because it will enable me to take even much more photos without deleting! I need space for more than 4000 photos! Hopefully you can visit Tanzania and Africa because there is always another side of the story that is never told ;) 


This is one of my favourite spot I love to be in Tanzania. Its called Slipway Village too because it contains different store chains and activities. This is a place you can take your partner, family, children or pet for leisure time! You can walk along the beach or swim at the pool for hotel guests! There is a children` play ground, cocktail parties, nightclubs in the evening, disco at terrace and restaurants. 

 If you like quiet moments morning will be most suitable time for you! I love the smell of coffee aroma nad sea breeze just the fresh air. Jazz music into the background and peaceafull atmosphere. This place also launches parties and discos! 

Terrace Slipway

    I love palm treets and flowers! This place should be one of stop over whenever you are in Dar-Es- Salaam!
I am a coffee lover without sugar or cream! Its dark coffee under no milk and amazing taste. I truly do appreciate great coffee beans! Well made and turned into great coffee taste! I just love coffee big time! Terrace also has a restaurant with delicious food and affordable price!

 Beautiful view from Terrace one can see Dar-Es-Salaam` city!

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