Friday, April 8, 2016


Waterflymusic Studio with my producer!

It has been a very busy week in studio recording for my Swahili album. Great things takes time I believe. I enjoy working intensively but also having great time as well. It is not easy being a producer I guess! One has to be creative, attentive,  passion and mentor to the artist! When you get an artist like myself in the studio expect to have me so engaged through the entire process. I just don`t  know how to lay back and wait for the beat ready. I am the beat trust me I do sing my own beat to my producer and ask him to create what is already playing into my mind. We collaborate by searching for the right sound and play live instrument but also take advantage of few samples and put into the song! I of course let in my producer to let their creativity flow with their magic touch on my project! I feel blessed to have great producer who take his work seriously with great passion. I finished one of the songs in which I expect to release in May! I love the song and the message into it! I am very excited about this and hopefully to make my fans happy! Perhaps new people discover my music as well :) 

Natasha Shyrose
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I will keep you posted! 

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