Sunday, February 7, 2016


Beyonce looking extremely hot!!! But that library beside her though I want it so bad <3

Beyonce looking so fly and hot like Lava as usual! Formation is personal message to haters. It seems this year haters artists have prepared a portion of your own medicine to swallow :) lolest but at times one can not just keep silence forever! Self love and self-esteem is all that counts no matter what situation life tries to put you on! Have you ever tried to avoid negative vibration but still tries to catch up with you! Well why can`t haters asks for tips of success or whatever they envy so that they transform themselves to what they adore? Hate is not the answer to achievement! I like this song by Beyonce the beat is super amazing! I love the deep bass and little Blue Ivy looking cute on the music video! Haters Beyoncè is drinking your tears for breakfast! Never let trolls put you down they either not happy with their own lives or do not want to see others believing into themselves! Perhaps afraid they might be less important if others make it to the highest level like themselves!

Flash it! 

Music video has strong message from the natural disaster that was ignored at USA. Shooting and arresting of black people even when they are doing nothing wrong! Other things going on I am challenging you to decode the message! Strong song without mentioning she is proud of her background as DNA heritage! Its not your color by the way that makes you a better person but things you do! Instead we see most will end up being ignored or excluded in society just because they have wrong color despite skills and competence!

                                    I love the style on this scene it could make an amazing poster!
                                               Baby Blue Ivy looking beautiful! #Self-esteem
      #Islay  #Weslay

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