Thursday, February 4, 2016


 Rihanna newest album Anti is one of her greatest album! I was so impressed from the first song Consideration the way how she played with her vocals so amazing song and beat! I remember seeing some of her interviews wishing to create something to be remembered for and touchy lyrics. All I heard after that was "Come on rudebwoy is it big enough and you wanna eat that cake, cake, cake." I thought to myself well those lyrics were of course so touchy and deep ;) Not least hard not to be remembered by listeners. Just kidding but that was exactly what happened after that interview except this time she was able to create something as she wished! I love her album from on track to another as the entire album! I danced to some songs like Work with Drake kind of dancehall beat and nice song! I loved #KissItBetter my kind of song to replay! Kiss it better can it get any better? Well its a song that also make me want to polish my pole so I can make a mini dance on that! Gosh I  need to polish up my pole dancing skills it has been a while stuck into other stuff :) So ladies if you are looking for something hot to dance to for someone special or love making Kiss It Better is the song! If you are offended by what I write on this blog just remember I am myself no fake zones over here! Well all I have purchased so far is music from Google play for this album Anti! I will also buy the CD because I love physical music into cd and see names of the composers, musicians and all those involved into her project! As an artist we know its not a matter of finished track but give credit to all who put their hands into the songs made! Love on the brain is another song by Rihanna which I loved on this album of Anti! This album is absolutely beautiful from the bold and beautiful lyrics, amazing production and amazing musicians/producers who created this album! Sound engineers amazing work! As an artist one would wish to have such amazing team to just create amazing music! If you have not yet bought this album you will enjoy that you have bought it! Finally Rihanna made a Master Piece as she once promised and always wished :) Can we get enough of this Barbados Beauty? 
My answer: Never! 
What about you?
                                                                     Rihanna is such a beauty!

                              Natasha Shyrose`s favourite songs on Anti album by Rihanna
                              #Consideration #KissItBetter #LoveOnTheBrain #Woo #Work #Higher

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