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It all started with the journalist who asked my friend,husband and music producer when will be album release? It was great question at the right time. The release of the album was just few days away. He invited her to come to the studio to listen to the album so that if she writes about music she has heard. Another question came from Ingunn was will we have release digital or also concert?

Living in Sunndalsøra makes our network very tiny. We have established a network of very few beautiful people since we moved here. We also love to keep our circle too small its easier to have quality time together. Either way when it comes to music into other towns or countries we have large network of artists, songwriters, componists, musicians, mastering engineers and much more. I think on my facebook I have a network of almost over 200 people who are just into music or artists themselves. Question of making a concert was little bit challenging since we had no idea which of the local people to involve to launch our party. Once in a while we attend at the concerts to support local talents or musicians. We also played concert as to volunteer to maintain local music club! We thought playing a concert at Sunndal we might end up with very few people. I finally came up with an idea of the same day the journalist comes why not inviting few friends and fans to listen to the album at the same time? This idea came last minute while we were into another town Molde! You have to guess what time it was then 21:00 pm super amazing and it takes about one and half an hour to reach Sunndalsøra. Then I thought well we can not just invite people for a cup of coffee and music? Food is a must or little snack! We arrived at Sunndal luckily the shops were still opened and Coop was best choice because its huge with different food variety and well organized. It is easier to find things. We came back home and started to arrange things in studio as putting extra chairs to sit and such. At the same time my husband was on the phone inviting people to come the day after. It was little bit easier because on facebook we created event page which was only for online release. Then we found out that some of the members who were attending the release party were from Sunndalsøra. We asked them to join us at studio the day after! The next morning I baked around 30 cupcakes, yogurt cake with cherries on top, I also made spiced chicken for wraps. Imagine all had to be done at a very limited time. I wish I had this idea for a while I could have prepared even more! I did not only had that as a task but also to make sure everything else was ok at home :) We managed to make th event happening and so thankful for our guests who showed by and spent quality time with us! Some made fun of me as being all from songwriter, artist and cook who served them! We ended the day by me singing song from the album. This album has involved truly talented vocalists from Anne Judith Wiik, Lise Olden, Marie Rindvoll, Siri Bones, Tale Fjell and myself. We had musicians such as Idd Aziz on conga, drums and Øyvind Wærnes on guitar. Our friend Eivind Sivertsen has been a great help when it came to Cd cover editing tips but also feedback from song to song! Kimmi from Sweden as songwriter in some of the songs. I also have sang about 5 songs into that album and written. Songs like Footprints on the dancefloor, Everywhere I go, Amani (Swahili Trance), Girls of the million words and Waiting for you! My favourite songs are We stay awake by Marie Rindvoll also Ibiza by Anne Judith also the one Lise Olden did. I think I like all the songs into the album. Black Pearls and Fantasy album was well made and produced! It took a while bfore it was released and time waiting absolutely worth!

This is what I managed to do within an hour. I am thankful though to Line Marlene who helped me to put butter on the wraps :) She was like no its not much of the help but indeed it made a difference. It was easier for me to put chicken and salad and roll the wraps easier! 

 At least we tried making such a brunch in the last minute. Here is our studio kitchen! Food & Music <3

Bevarage corner with waffel mix! 
Cupcakes with chocolate were brought by Yodit. It was an amazing surprise I never ask guests to bring anything when they visit us but if they do, we also get another taste which was not part of the menu!

Artist/Musician meeting!

Not bad at all receiving positive feedback on the brunch. I hope next time I can come up with such idea earlier and have bigger variation than this time!

WaterflyMusic producer introducing one of the songs to our guest. He is wearing his famous viking indoor boots! Almost all Norwegian must have to keep it warm in cold conditions but we had fireplace on except that those boots can be so cozy and comfortable to wear. 

                                                                 Music tuning!

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