Sunday, May 3, 2015


Antique Single Cover- So Royal!

 KING George (VIII)

This week we are celebrating single release from Norway (Trondheim) whereby 3 dedicated artists teamed up to create a track.  You can follow this link immediately and tune to the track if you are not too patient to read ahead.  Spotify: 

If you do not have Spotify yet you should get yourself one. I have an account there too but well do not get surprised what I tune to. I listen to music on spotify, soundclound and through iTunes or Cd I purchase. I like this song it is very relaxing and great lyrics too. You know that kind of song you need to listen to when you are driving long distance. Its beautiful with the synth into and chillout hard beat! Great work King George, Qalifa and Sondre(Y). The track is also danceable with attitude into it will make it easier for you to bounce with it. You should stay tuned for this up coming artist King George he has more to come. Artists might seem new to people but no one has idea how much they wanted that dream to come true. People work so hard to release that one single with plenty of tracks and finally come that moment one feels this is the one. Never call any artist "New Artist" there is no such a thing as a new artist. Art is created with lots of skills, patience, creativity and dedication of hours to put something into physical form. Enjoy your sunday with beautiful song! 
Stay tuned for more from King George!

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