Monday, March 23, 2015


Beautiful collection by Leila Hafzi is so inspiring. I had to drive all way from møre and romsdal to Trondheim. It was breath taking with beautiful music into the background and choreography the
models performed while walking with the dresses. 

I love this designer`s style is so beautiful and inspiring. If you want to achieve greatness in life you got to find an inspiration and for me as a designer Leila Hafzi and Vera Wang are greatest motivation and inspiration into fashion world. I love her dresses created by soft fabric and very romantic! I  grew up into a family whereby fashion is so appreciated this also was a motivation. Unfortunately not at professional level back into my days. There is no way a family member was to be pleased hearing that one wants to become a  Fashion Designer. Most thought was waste of time if one does not become a doctor, lawyer or any other greatest job that they consider job. I think working should be not only a task that makes others appreciate us fully but it has to be something personal and performed with passion. One has to enjoy doing what they do in life. Even if its temporary job make sure you do it because you think it will learn you something or you will have a joy doing it. Nowadays in Africa Fashion is much more appreciated as an occupation. I think most people still thinks Fashion Designers are people who just sit and sew clothing. There is much more than this from designing or create new style, pattern creating, material selection, trying the material to see how it manages different conditions before giving to the clients. Not least interacting to our clients to make sure they are satisfied not only with the production but also happy with themselves into our designs. Its more of creating, analysing, painting, drawing, technical drawing, stitching, innovation and therapy! There is so much behind dresses they are not as simple as they seem to be! Next time you see a designer remember they are not just stitching. I had to remind people this and those asking me to repair their clothes too. I tell them my job is to create not to sit down and adjust other designer`s work. This will prevent me to have time to create new designs! I had a fabulous weekend in Trondheim. Not least to mention Trend Models were so impressive on the catwalk so beautiful they were styled by Adam & Eva hairsaloon.

                    Guests at the Wedding Fashion Show with Leila Hafzi

One thing for sure that was delicious was French Delicates Deserts by Fransk Nyttelser. They make delicious tongue melting cakes and macrons!

Dress Designed and Made By Odd Is Bold/Natasha Shyrose 

Piano and Relaxation! 
I love the interior design at Frimurerlogen in Trondheim. It is a beautiful place for functions and concerts! This show was so beautiful if I find the link online I will share it :) 

-May Your Dreams Come True-

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose.

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