Monday, February 9, 2015


On Saturday we had extreme weather in Norway. The storm named Ole did damage to some places. For those who were affected I truly wish that you were left save. Everything else can be replaced by insurance companies but not a life!

     Picture taken from my living room. Look at the storm Ole created fog and big waves from the sea!

Despite the bad weather I managed to visit the exhibition by Per Rosenberg with my family. Right there is whereby we got little bit taste of night`s concert by Hayden Powell`s band. It was something different from other concerts I have ever been and I wanted to enjoy different type of music! I always enjoy all sorts of music and the only concert that I have been away from mainstream music is Opera and Symphony Orchestra. It is great at times when one can be at the most beautiful place with great audience to enjoy special music. It gives a mind relaxation feeling and reflection of positive thoughts. It depends on what goes into your mind but soothing music can make one`s soul just melt away. Its like a brain massage! I truly enjoyed being at the concert Saturday night with Hayden Powell Trio at Sunndalsøra- Øra Kafè!

As magical as the songs sounded personally I would say the audience was taken by the hypnotising sound. The musicians were so alive on the scene and very passionate with their performance. The way they played the instruments was something enjoyfull to just watch for itself! I loved the interaction between them and joy they had while playing the music. You could feel they were enjoying what they were doing on the scene! I could simply describe some of their music flavour it would be relaxing, hypnotising, joyful and eargasm sound! It was great feeling being there and I would love to enjoy their concert in future too. I left the concert immediately as they finished to perform the last song. I bought their signed Cd to enjoy it at home! I would be playing the songs over and over again each time I need to relax or just have a smooth vibe! Its amazing to listen to different type of music. I find it very inspiring most especially the trumpet playing to some of the songs. The technic Mr.Hayden used with his trumpet was so impressive! I truly wished he had played to some of my future songs. You have heard "Work It Out" by Natasha Shyrose. There will more more energetic songs and trumpet is the perfect sound to accompany the songs! I think I will be creating only best songs from now on the first album was more to find myself where I belong. The second album is nothing but Fireworks from track to track! I sing with all my heart and soul! The trumpet must be there Cello or Violin. It is very inspiring to be at the concert with total different music one is used to for inspiration! Guess what when I returned home despite of me not drinking I ended up paying the taxi driver with my house key! I was supposed to give him my visa card to swap it on the machine for payment but instead I gave him house key! He was like this is the most expensive payment ever! We laughed so loud and I told him I do not even drink and totally messed up once the sun is down.  He was so surprised that I was back home early too! Well the concert was over I had no more reasons to be out most especially when I have to prepare for the Wedding Show! More news to come on this wonderful event which will occur at Clarion Hotel Trondheim! I look so very forward to exhibit my designs Odd is Bold`s first Bridal Collection on catwalk.  I have already select my beautiful 8 models meanwhile enjoy yourself with great music from Hayden Powell Trio! I look forward to enjoy their next concert in future!!!

Hayden Powell Trio at Øra Kafè with beautiful music and passionate musicians on the scene! 

So Relaxing- What a beautiful composition!

Sometimes I wear red lipstick! 

Peace and Love, 
Natasha Shyrose!

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