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I have been little bit slow to blog nowadays. Well that has to do with influenza that I catched a week ago but at the same time am busy working on the collection for the wedding event. I am so glad that my label Odd Is Bold will be among the Designers at the Wedding Show in Trondheim. If you are in Trondheim (Norway) on 15th of february you are more than welcome for both Fashion show and workshop. I look so very forward to this day for networking and also meeting other great Norwegian designers too! 

My label Odd Is Bold last year started officially to design for brides. We shipped Tanzania, London, France and Norway! That was a great start and we work with our clients wherever they might be found. What is the Skype for? All we need is your measurements and discuss your dream dress. I can either go step by step with you by sketching your dream dress or if you have a picture but your size is no where to be found we fix that. I love to create wedding dresses from scratch. We all have unique bodies why forcing oneself so hard to fit into the dress that was not created for you? Is your dream dress or nightmare? Then one starts suddenly to hate oneself. Never hate yourself because you are not supposed to fit into the dress it is the other way around. How much can someone diet and reduce the body parts that are impossible just for that special day? Even with diet some parts might be hard to change like if you have broad shoulders like mine and need a dress. It has to be made by your shape and size. I love my shoulders they are wide like eagle you know V Shape? That is they call? I would never force myself to fit into the dress and what to do changing that its impossible. Then that is the moment you turn to designer for custom made dresses! This is something I love to do making sure the dress fits the owner and not finding a dress that one thinks they like and force themselves into it! Well I ship worldwide wherever you are! Hopefully you contact me to create your dream dress! Perhaps you have a wedding saloon and some of your dresses your costumes can not fit in. Contact me to create a new dress! We prepare no clothing we only sew only new dresses! For special occasion only and I love to create one and only dress to clients. It is not everybody wants to look like everyone else out there and I love that challenge to create something different and unique! 

If you are in Trondheim never miss us at the Catwalk and Workshop! You will also enjoy other designer`s clothing. My favorite Norwegian Designer is Lise Skjåk Bræk! I hope to meet this wonderful lady on this day. She is very creative too! 

I look so very forward meeting you and design your dream dress!

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Enjoy Your Weekend 


Some of my designs- Custom Made!
Design By Odd Is Bold

Design By Odd Is Bold 

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