Friday, December 5, 2014

Beyoncé - 7/11

I love this video of Beyonce having fun! I wonder who does not do this on their free time having fun with themselves while dressing up and such! This is actually typical me doing something fun indoors before I meet the serious and normal people. Its boring out there in the world everybody acting so normal and structured and robotic. Each time when someone jokes about something one takes it so serious. One of the reasons anyway I love people who are themselves and can go crazy and wild yet very intelligent, creative and have mind blowing thoughts. One can never think of new things if they are updating themselves each time what is right or how to act! Explore the universe live to express oneself not impress everybody. I just love this video of Beyonce having fun. We should all have fun loosen up stop acting so serious. It actually relieve a lot of stress inside and cure a lot of diseases not least you will experience inner joy! You know what inner joy? I am not talking about that kind of joy because you have one thing or the other or what you have achieved in life. That kind of joy of you being yourself and nothing but acceptance of all as is with no attachment to material world! That is true joy and I feel so blessed to experience that because I personally distance myself from perfect world! I love the imperfect as long as its not harmful for our nature!

Dance-Enjoy-Express Yourself- Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Be You! No Adjustment You will experience so much joy inside you :)

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