Friday, October 17, 2014


                                             Marcos photo by Tommy Rasmussen

Lately Marcos has been recording with Waterfly Production at Sunndalsøra. I have to reveal that this song is going to be beautiful! At times its needed something that can capture your attention either its sound or lyrics. I like both from this song with very special vocals by Marcos. There is something so catchy with Marcos` lyrics. I am so sure Marcos would have made a great songwriter as an artist too! Together with Stig of Waterfly Production they created a beautiful song that you just have to look very forward to! Marcos has been a songwriter and a singer ever since he could remember. I do not want to write much! All I can say stay tuned!

"I use singing as a way of relax and express myself. I love to dance and live life 100%"- Marcos

                     Artist and Producer at work
Nothing is as funnier than working with a flexible producer creative and ready for all challenges despite the genre!
This song is going to be as nice as the people on the picture ;)
 Marcos all way from Ålesund to Sunndalsøra at Waterfly Studio
If you want to hear more of Marcos single just hang here. Or search for Marcos on the searching engine in future from this blog! I will for sure update you!

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