Friday, September 5, 2014


Kelis is one of my favorite artists because she has a very unique voice. I have been a great fan from her first single and I like her lyrics they come as a surprise! I do not like the songs that you know what the next word is because they all sounds the same. Yeah you know what I mean songwriting to create a hit! I have been at songwriting section of camps but I feel as if they joy of music is limited. The only funniest part is meeting other musicians and artists. Only this is enough reason for me to join at songwriting camps in future.It is something I truly love normally I am not a social butterfly but I enjoy big time meeting people with common interest. I light up and feel so much comfortable and enjoy myself fully because I hate being with people who call themselves normal and act to be so realistic yet they have so much to hide rather than being themselves. This song is still one of my favorites! Followed by Milkshake song :)

Kelis ft Nas! 

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