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This summer I read something very interesting from the newspaper. Well this is not a newspaper but a blog about things that I find inspiring. I do write few things from mainstream media, which I think they are necessary to write about! This is one of the things that I found to be very interesting and it is VACATION!

Definition of vacation " A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee" or "A fixed period of holidays, especially one during which a school, court, or business suspends activities".

It seems that people in Norway got so engaged and concerned about this vacation trend, which gave journalist interest to also write about. Perhaps most people have forgotten the meaning of vacation. Vacation in Norway means traveling outside of Norway to the warmer countries and mostly Spain or any other cheap travel offer cities but it has to be outside of Norway. One could think the meaning of vacation is relaxation with loved ones wherever one desire to be. Some parents complained in the newspaper that they feel like they are bad parents for not being able to travel to other countries with their children. The first thing the children are asked when they get back to school is where they have been. To make the situation more interesting they even write names of the children and places they visited hanged into their classrooms. Some schools wants the children to write essays guess what others tell lies that they have been at places they were not to fit in!  Its no wonder some of the parents feels like they have been having bad vacation ever! One feels like they have not provided enough to their children because they have not been outside of Norway. I wonder why the teachers are so engaged where children have been instead of focusing what children needs to learn at school! I think its all fine if children talk among themselves that they have been at vacation than school promoting tourism as "Real Vacation" at schools. Personally I do also work with traveling agent well it is a family business. Whenever I manage to get some people East Africa I do get my share (commission) for that but still I do not think either this idea is great of promotion of tourism without benefit at schools!

First of all we all know that vacation are so cheap especially from Norway. At times they can cost from 50 dollars or even 200 dollars both ways inclusive accommodation and breakfast! Which means everybody can afford vacation if they wish to. I have seen tickets to Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Malaga, Italia, Roma, Ibiza, Portugal  for only 199 kroners and if it costs more its not above 2000 kroners. Which means everybody staying in Norway they can save money once per year and enjoy a vacation if they truly wish to get one! Also that if you can afford being in Norway you can also afford traveling around Europe because is cheaper! I do not understand why it has become a trend that people have to travel at the same time. Seriously, aren`t we supposed to do things because we love to do, not because everybody else does? At times one has money but no time to travel for vacation do you consider such people are having bad time into their lives? If a child spend time at home with their parents and grandparents they have best time ever because it that special TIME. TIME people hardly have these days to use it with their loved ones because they are busy chasing a piece of paper. Vacation means relaxation doing something one likes and hobbies are different some loves to travel, spending time with their families, learning new things, take it easy home or be creative! It seems like everyone is so engaged to ask each other which country they have been? I told someone I actually think Norway is one of the best place to be in summer time! There is no where on this planet I would love to be when it is summer than Norway. The nature here is so beautiful and I would love to enjoy each bit of summer here. When it is winter I would not mind traveling away from Norway for even 6 months if I had no connection with this place as job and family which use school system in Norway. Early this year I traveled from January to March into 3 different countries (2 African countries and one in middle east) without making publicity for that and best time ever because not everybody was at vacation! I do not find it necessarily to share all my photos on facebook either. At times one thinks they know a person by just looking on our facebook or blogs. There are lot of things we do not share because somethings or moments have to be extra special for oneself and people closest to us! As parents we think we have more time with our children but the reality they spend more time as schools daily! I think the main focus it does not matter whether one travels or not but giving a quality time to a child is the most important thing. They get to know their parents more and do things together as a family. As for couples if you both have time to take vacation at the same time it is best time to get closer! I would rather be home and make love to my man over and over again than being stuck at the beach with no place to lay because everyone is there like a dried fish. You know what I mean mass tourism! Some hardly go to the greatest spots of such countries or visiting really nice places or restaurants, museums, galleries than lying on the beach almost the whole day and clubbing the whole night!

I truly dislike mass tourism not least traveling with a lot of people from the same place. Instead of having quality time one ends up having like normal days back into their countries. Then what was the purpose of traveling when all people you know are there? I do not want to sound selfish but I do love my own time. Time for me is important for total relaxation and the only others I can tolerate is my own family. Having everybody else around me that never makes me have time off! I love to travel to the secret escape places that no one has idea where I am until I am back! That is what we call relaxation then one can have quality time! Another thing I would spend less time one facebook because I know it will take all my quality time from enjoyment! So things like updating photos at each event that happens would totally be off or less of until I am back!

If you are a Norwegian parent in Norway remind your children the meaning of vacation is not traveling outside of Norway! Instead spend time together and do something special as a family. Plan your own traveling when it is most suitable for you or you can afford but not because everybody else is doing it! Why do people want to do something not deep within their hearts just to please others and get recognition or social acceptance? It is same as with those ladies posting photos of their loved ones on the facebook all the time talking about their world most best boyfriends or husbands. Only if they knew the reality they would not be posting each moment rather than using such moments giving their men really fuck and kissing. Yeah I meant what I said if you have real F and K then trust me your hands would be off the phone to take photos and this message goes also to those filming themselves while they are into action, they must be joking! These men get tired of such _hit of being posted at each moves and instead they wish to explore real people who have deep feelings and want to be into deep stuff with no evidence left than it existing between the two! Use the greatest moments to share real love and caring instead of doing things for impressing others. I hope that we can learn to do things differently here in Norway and not give a damn what others do or think of us!. I also hope school system stops using so much time making children feel like they had bad vacation just because they never had chances to travel at the same time as everybody else into their classrooms!If you had time to travel outside Norway in summer do not make it a big deal that someone else did not. We do not all have to do similar things because some of us hate similarity and to things as everybody else. For you who were bothered to feel bad being in Norway in summer and make it jotted on the newspaper feel good about yourself! Travel only when you feel, afford, have time for it and be yourself! Remember you can not live exactly like everyone else what is fun about it? Find other interest and use time meaningful and appreciate each moment with your loved ones!

          I am proud to say I was in Norway this summer and I will continue doing so with my family!
 One of the activities you have to just be part of is taking a boat and enjoy the nature- Norway is  beautiful by summer!

Beautiful Geiranger!

                        I would rather stay home than spending a night at the uncomfortable places! I love this hotel it had antique interior design! We had to end up here because Union Hotel was full booked. I would highly recommend this place for its service and hospitality!

This was the view from my bedroom! I told you Norway is also one of the best place to be in Summer! I looked like Pharell William on Happy Song ;)

 I had to drop at Moods of Norway for mini shopping for my man!Funny part of posing on this tractor with the color of my clothing matches with what Moods Of Norway would have designed but this was styled by Odd Is Bold! That is my label- I wonder where I will be matching for fashion parade next year :)
                                                          This is Norway by Summer!

                                                                    Geiranger Is Lovely!

                      Another part of the view from my bedroom at the hotel at Geiranger!

                                               Heaven is on earth only human makes it a living hell!

 Beautiful right-It depends on what you love but for me nature is very important because it is a source of life! It makes me feel so relaxing and put my soul at it highest vibration :) I feel filled with a lot of joy and energy spending time around such nature! I would rather be here than at the beach with bunch of hundred of people with no privacy or room to move!

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