Friday, August 23, 2013


Talk of the ear-porn and blushing just listening to this song. I mean do not play this song if you are under age or with your first boyfriend you will end up being parents. Just kidding this song is very sexy especially the super bass into the song and Enrique`s voice! Very nice seeing Trance is coming back to the biggest artists doing it. My husband has been producing trance music for over 10 years now. WaterflyMusic is the production we are working with and him as the King of Production. There is something special about dancing to the trance music it just takes your mind away. I love getting lost without drugs of course. I do not use that I was created with natural drug or whatever I need is matter of activation. But trance music and some house/dance or same to heavy metal its something that can take a person`s thought to another dimension of thought! This song is going to be definitely club HIT. I wonder how many times Club Gossip in Trondheim will play this song! There is one of the hottest Female Dj there who loves these kind of bass and songs. I will not be surprised if she ends up playing 3-4 times per night. I would not mind either dancing to it over and over again. I am already greatest fan of this song! All I need to finalise is fixing my pole into my workout room and see if it can inspire me to try out new moves. I do pole dance to challenge myself to use my body into different ways as acrobatic never think I do it in public! Pole Dancing only for home use :) This song will be on my list together with my song HOT CANDY! I always think this song Beyonce would love it very much. Hallucinating is not illegal! 
It is just a feeling!


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