Tuesday, August 20, 2013


There is something special about Amber Rose her bold head or hottest booty but she is one of the most beautiful woman and cool at the same time! 

Twerking as its called well something new rotating all over the world. We all have somehow done it without thinking its called twerking. Especially black women shaking the ass or twisting our waistline is the best move most have mastered! Even those who can not dance we can at least shake and people think we got the rhythm! Never mind but at least instead of us doing easy steps for Afro American or any black out there who can not dance can do easy fever shaking. To  be honest this is one of the hottest twerking video I have ever seen ever since people started to film themselves twerking. Amber Rose has summarised the entire thing chapter closed! Don`t you just wish you were this man Wiz hey lucky husband :) Ladies never mind you do not have to blog yourself or put you on yourself on youtube. If you are married or have a boyfriend twerk upon it! Yes, make your man proud no pride men loves excitements and they love their ladies descent everywhere except when it comes to pleasing them. So never be descent if you want to please him.........
Never say you were not told!

Please make sure you do not say Natasha Shyrose said this! 


But Seriously,

I mean it!

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