Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Beautiful Ghazal Sadat with the song Hala Mibini do not ask me for translation. I just like her style and melodic song. This is probably that kind of song you can do bellydance as a form of dancing. Middle east has beautiful women and imagine such beauty perishes every single day through violence. I hope one day the entire world stops fighting and enjoy life instead. As if it matters to collect all riches to ourselves. When we die we are burried and get rotten and our stuff we leave here on planet. I think instead of havign too much things that we do not use make sure that you share what you have with others. Sharing is caring are you having too much give some to others its the best way of living. At times I think too much of everything is not good you need to create place even though you can afford try to share then you will have place for more! All in all I wish there is a peace on the entire universe. Enjoy your evening!

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