Saturday, August 24, 2013


Lady Gaga- Applause 

There is nudity as the one when you take off your clothes then there is artistic nudity. As an artist tries to portray a peace of artwork by create something unique. This is what Lady Gaga did on her music video very artistic even though naked. They say Sex Sells but we know not everybody wants to buy the sex that is sold. Even sex needs great promotion behind its nudity to sell! Make sure you have great team if you want your sex to sell or you will end up giving people free joy for no gain! What I love mostly with this song is the newest fresh sound and the hands holding Bra! That looked like something I have designed for 6 years ago. Talk of the time traveler I guess I am somehow when it comes to fashion and certain things. I love lady Gaga with less make up I think she is very beatiful most especially when she had long honey blond hair! Nice song and very artistic images that kept on pooping here and there on the entire video! Remember Sex Sells Only If you have a great team to promote it! Unless you sell it to the Sugar Daddies.............

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