Sunday, July 7, 2013


This is one of the place that I never get tired of most especially my young one. Full of great time and a lot of wonderful things one can discover! What is the most amazing thing is one is allowed to test everything so that you understand the functioning! This is very important if you are a scientist or young scientist. After all we are all scientists because of curiosity unless ones finding is passive. Like finding out who the neighbour is dating is passive curiosity! Discover things within things that are beneficial to humankind that is very interesting for me. Again as I said I get easily bored listening to people talking about people if there is nothing good they see into them or wish to help through! I had wonderful time this sunday enjoying by discovering different functions of the instruments into the museums. I love to press everything that is press-able! Yes I am a little bit stubborn not just little but very as a matter of time!

This is one of the places I would recommend to anyone visiting Trondheim. If you have a family with little children take them there too. You will both enjoy the place and if you got to NTNU university you will get a discount. To live is to discover so never stop to. This is one of the places to be if you are in Trondheim! It is always open as the all 4 seasons!

Natasha Shyrose collecting metals manually with magnetic equipment which captures them!

Orbitron this is imitation inspired by NASA what Astronauts goes through while testing to go the moon!

Different light experience

Just for fun you can see my arms through that!

Here one can hear heartbeats and see how the blood pumps through the heart (arteries "mishipa ya damu" ! 

How Tornado is created!

There were plenty of things instead I just had to enjoy my time. I hope next time to capture more photos! Never miss to be there if you visit Trondheim or If you are in Trondheim! Be a tourist in your own town!

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