Sunday, July 21, 2013


One of the greatest event this September is in Dar-Es-Salaam at Alliance Francaise. Never miss this great opportunity which will last for 2 days with live shows and exhibition. There will not only be workshop but an opportunity to meet your favourite artists and new talents. Be there to learn about how to survive into the music industry. It depends what your interest is about if its the music or income whatever it may be join the event to learn how to stay focused. One needs motivation to keep on creating music years after years. This workshop has a lot to offer that you do not wish to miss. Who will be there too? Natasha Shyrose of course wishes to join this event. I got a role that I am responsible for and I will keep you updated. See you there <3

Hiphop Battles

Natasha Shyrose with Swahili Tribal Hiphop - Amka Afrika
"I will be representing the Nomadic of East Africa"

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