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Natasha Shyrose Goes Bollywood 
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Marriage in Africa is not something that happens easily. When a man marries a woman he has to be responsible for her well being. Despite of her working the woman has to be cherished and showed with gift. East African culture is same as that one of the middle east whereby a woman is treasured and showered with love, and gifts. Marriage in other places like in Europe I saw that not only people are married for love but also one has to be able to provide 50/50 into everything. Most women have to wait until Valentine or Anniversary day to witness a gift or once in a while. Yet in East African Culture the women are too damn spoilt and this is a reason why these women would do everything for their men to keep them happy too. 

Malaika is a song about a man who could not afford to get married. If you do not spend on your woman in East Africa then know somebody else will because this is the only way women feel they are worth something. We all know men can buy anything out there to please themselves if they have no stable relationship. Like paying a woman for dating her by buying her gift, dinner and different things even jewellery. Imagine even a prostitute is getting paid yet a housewife or somebody`s wife doing everything for their husband hardly gets a gift. This is whereby we from Africa we feel that our men have a duty to instead spend on us. Its is a natural way of being a gold-digger but hello if a prostitute get paid for sex so why not a wife? I mean all women love to be showered with gifts. Its not about the material things but one has to its part of culture. Guess what I am in Norway and do you think I left this culture behind? No.

In East Africa you are not a woman if a man does not spend on you. Strange cultures? I know but again  as I say even people on the porno-websites gets some cash to do what they do then one has to be nice to this one and only woman who is there for him :)

Its a matter of appreciation!

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