Saturday, July 13, 2013


Natasha Shyrose - When I smile so does my soul

I have been a huge fan of Korean Pop ever since I discovered friends of my husband Dsign writing/ produce music for them. The  music in South Korea is getting larger and they sing into their languages. As I started my music my aim was to do modern pop not typical African type of music we had back then. The I also wanted to mix languages by singing both Swahili and English for international fans. These days music has grown even in East Africa, yes Tanzania is where I was discovered. Being in Norway I still wanted to capture the international fans and keep my Africans Fans. That needed a balance. With K-Pop I got so inspired that there is a huge possibility of doing music by using ones native language despite the genre. This is why I will be coming with my second album this year in Swahili! Full Swahili Album I already have 6 songs I think in the album there are 5 songs then I will be making other songs! Stay tuned for more, In East Africa no matter what you do Swahili has to be the main thing. This is why I got this idea and got so inspired but also one Special Lady From Tanzania I will reserve her name also made me to think of doing this too! I hope my Swahili fans will enjoy this but the most amazing thing is that my fans who knows nothing about Swahili do love my Rock Songs or Pop-Rock / Reggae songs but still love Swahili music! Then get ready for my full Swahili Version. This is for you my fans who followed me up ever since I was 16 years old. I feel so blessed to have contributed so much into East African Swahili Pop as one of the first female artists. I look very forward working with young talents and the up coming ones from production to the songwriting. Now you know were to go! I wish to work with people who have aim of what they are doing. You have to be clear into your mind what you want. Things take time to manifest at times but one has to be active and in process until the time is right! 

We keep in touch again :)

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