Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Gentleman is the song!

I might have blogged this song but I never get enough of this man`s music and funny things he does on the music video. I love when the music either be filled with Dance moves or just fun! That is where this man fits in! What do you know about the Korean Pop? This is growing more than USA ;) But seriously these people have the whole another quality and real great music video. Fashion is something you will enjoy on the Korean music video they real got it going on there. It doesnot matter whether you understand the language or not they tend to mix it with little bit of English but the beats are international! At the moment some of the Koreans are here in Trondheim at Songwrite Camp to learn people about Pop Culture and how to conquer musically and what is Korean Pop! Music is a universal language and this is one of the great way to create peace and oneness! 

I made fun with one of the most popular songwriter/producer from Dsign by asking "Nermin, How can I become a Korean Pop artist"? Do I have to be Korean first? I love the growth of music there its amazing!I will be posting other artists music too from Korea so that you can enjoy their music but just google them! The music and Fashion is in Korea. By the way that is where they make most fashionable clothes. Two things I wish from Korea to do collaboration with in our studios and getting a factory that can create my fashion line since Odd Is Bold is growing. I have orders but time to create is limited. I truly do need tailors now! 

Odd Is Bold is giving opportunity! This is like in a Dream we are growing :) 

Enjoy yourself and Dance to Gentleman!
Have you seen me on the dance floor? Yes I do my Gangam Style Moves too! Like on the video who say that Tv don't influence people? It does big time :) But be careful what you take along with you some of the act just happen under the scene! 

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