Monday, July 15, 2013


 This Horse Wagon was so huge! Back in the days people had to learn to be expert on ridding horse-wagon! You have to visit Dora to enjoy the exhibition if you are in Trondheim. The history is interesting to hear and the technique was amazing on the transportation! I wish I could have posted more pictures but the best thing is to be there all by yourself and enjoy it too!

 The Baby Cadillac present to Little Prince Olav as Christmas gift from his grandmother 1912.

What a car!

And of course African Princess: Natasha Shyrose to be honest my ancestors were brainwashed from birth because they believed they were born to become leaders and guide people ;) I personally feel inner satisfaction to see people succeeding and move to another step of life through my influence!

What do you think of such vehicles? What a wonderful car and great making!

This was used in the snow for the little prince!

Women back in the days were not supposed to spread their legs apart while riding the horse. They rid the horse in the elegant way!

Children Exhibition and car making! They actually did create these cars together with the Royal Family while they were in Trondheim for opening of the exhibition. The workers in the museum meant the Royal Family was so lovely, kind and down to earth people! My dream is to one day design for Royal Family! Who says dreams never come true ;)

Nothing is so impressive as children art! I love children art it has a lot of expression and a lot going on!

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