Tuesday, June 25, 2013


                                                 Amazing Talents Sveinung, Gunnhild and Sturla!

It was a great surprise with double concert at Familien today. Going out in the middle of the week is not my style at all. This depends on the occasion has to be very important or something that I truly love! That was it today Gunnhild Sundli with her brothers performed live concert at Familien. This is one of my first female favourite artist in Norway! I have been a greatest fan ever since Gåte! That was the first band she played with her brother as well. Their music is just too beautiful to listen to. Imagine by that time I never knew the single word in Norwegian language but I fell in love with her magical voice. It makes me think of things that only exist into ideal world. By comparison with what we see on our physical world I visualise deep forest, frost, waterfall at times and beautiful nature. Music created by Gåte is truly so special.

It is amazing to see artists that comes from the same family doing wonderful things together. If you are a parent make sure you support your children`s talent. They will turn up doing wonderful things in future. Just watching Sveinung Sundli and his brother Sturla live playing violin it was so beautiful, this is not only a talent but skill which needed a lot of hours of practicing. Expertise is not something that only exist as talent but one has to practice the skill to become extremely good. It was amazing and the most wonderful feeling getting the opportunity to see them live at Familien today.

Familie is one of the most beautiful place and it feels like home. I think that was their intention to create it  that way. It is a nightclub but with special touch. The scene which at times looks like a living-room with chandelier and sofas its just a unique place. They gave that place an extra touch to make one feel comfortable and relax as if one is at their own home. It was funny to see even fans enjoyed themselves down on the floor. Since the music was special and most songs were to listen to some decided to sit on the floor. You know that feeling at times you do not need to sit at your sofa at home. You can even enjoy on the floor! That was it :) This place has very delicious tasty quality coffee. Since I do not drink non-alcohol drinks I am excellent at selecting top beverages! I need none of that to cheer me up, Trust me I am already powered with that natural energy inside my body-system! They were also serving free waffels! You have to taste norwegian waffels there are no other better than NORWEGIAN WAFFELS!

Gunnhild Sundli sings so beautifully. She sounds like a singing angel who has fallen on the planet. Do not mistaken me by comparing her to fallen angel. Just that the music is so beautiful, her voice and vocal skills are super amazing. At times one feels as if they are in the dream because each moment at the concert was just so magical. Listen to the music that is so beautiful made me fighting the tears back into my eyes. I was just too happy and excited and got so emotional by her beautiful voice! I just wish to attend more of her concert. This family is truly blessed and so talented. It was a wonderful feeling to watch them performing live together tonight! This family is one of the fewest people who still treasure the most beautiful norwegian traditional music. They are Norwegian Treasure!

Not for sounding conservative but somethings are beautiful to take along with us no matter how modern we turn to be. Folk-music is so beautiful especially by Gunnhild Sundli and her family members! This is what I was personally trying to bring back into one of my songs Amka Afrika its mixture of Hip Hop/World/ Tribal. It is nice to treasure the most beautiful things, traditional and musical elements that they were once so meaningful into our ancestor history! As for the Norwegian its is Viking and for me I have to treasure the Nomadic of East Africa!

EXTRA BONUS: I discovered a new artist who sang so great by the name of Kreg Visselman! His voice is like RnB American Artist I wonder which one I can compare to at this moment. It was still something unique and original into his voice.

I loved each moment of this concert! 

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