Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Today in East Africa (Tanzania) people are in deep sorrow and also abroad especially for African artist for loosing a great talent. Late Albert Magwea who died in South-Africa because of intoxication as stated by specialist, even though the source is still unclear! He was found dead in his room luckily his co-artist survived it and still at the hospital for medication M 2 The P (artist)
I wish his soul to rest in peace. For real we will all one day return to our creator! Until then I wish you all to believe into yourselves and do what pleases you on this planet. Love, Live and Explore! Do not waste your time on negative energy and hate it takes so much that is within you!

P.S I wish his talent to forever be remembered and someone who has been inspired by him to represent him musically. It is crazy how the media will do great cover after the artist death than when the artist is alive! I hope that media can take great care of talents that have been and up-coming not waiting when the person is gone. The artists do appreciate if people truly care about their art to appreciate it when they live because that is the only way they can get recognition and be more inspired!

That was one of his hits back in his days! 

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