Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Trondheim Greatest Summer Festival is on 1.June. Every year Trondheim is having summer festival for free so that people can enjoy the music from different artists. On this day one can enjoy music from know and unknown bands/artists. The town gets so busy with a lot of activities from music, dancing, poetic talents and lot more! I wish there was such event once every month. At least there is a place called Familien it also gives a room to artist for open mic and also concerts or other arrangements! This year Natasha Shyrose will be perfoming too. Never miss if you will be in Trondheim. I will perform my newest songs from my album that you have never heard before.  See you there!

Program am in:
12.00: Arne Epelund og Vogts Bande
14.00: Gunnhild Hasund
15.00: Following Bob
17.00: Fotveita Bruktjazz
19.00: Villrot
20.00: Andreas Jenssen
21.00: Natasha Shyrose
22.00: Voces del Sur

Do not forget to watch my favourite band too Ravage Rose: I do also like The Airborne Highfives!
Røde Kors Bamsesykehus i Lamoparken hele dagen og sirkus mellom kl. 14 og 16.
12.00: Entitle
12.30: Damm Quintet
13.00: Conurbia
13.30: FolkE
14.00: Lionhorse
14.30: The Boogiemen Inc
15.00: Remedy City
15.30: Jazzmus Xperience
16.00: Explicit Licks
16.30: King George
17.00: Glees
17.30: The Airborne Highfives
18.00: Ravage Rose
18.30: Flashback Caruso
19.00: Forræderi
19.30: Pappasaft
20.00: Wandering West

The entire program is at:

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