Friday, May 31, 2013


Natasha Shyrose 

Hello there!
Who is reading this blog ;) I am just amused the number of readers have been rising for few months ago. I remember the first time I was to blog I had no idea what more will be on this blog or if I would have readers at all. All I knew is that I did not want to have a lot of pictures and few lines every single day. I just wanted to write things yes interesting, inspiring, motivating, music and little bit of what I do in fashion. Then at times I had nothing to write about I ended up writing what I do at campus and amazingly there were plenty of readers who were curious about different things I am learning at campus. The day I wrote about Dyslexia and Olfactory System (breathing I had like 300 readers immediately) I was like what? Who are my readers :) I am so impressed!

Back to the point main point of today`s topic! I have been receiving a lot of questions concerning my album. Even from Sonovo As the mastering studio they thought I had all wrapped up with media and all that. Man this is ONE WOMANS TEAM - TEAM NATASHA SHYROSE who influences others to work with everything I wish to achieve in my life journey. We can not do everything by ourselves or might but it is great to involve others too. Yes it is true I have no management than myself. What I know after or before recording that all my songs must be registered for copyright! Finally I have digitally distribution that is where I put my songs. The challenge of course is to get the radio station to play my music and Djs that is plenty of work I have been doing! But I discovered also that I need fans that I can interact with and approach people around me instead of the mainstream first. It can be so challenging and truly hard work to get them. This is one of the reasons I decided to write this blog about my music progress. These magazines needs to sell or get readers and top artists will come first. Instead of waiting forever why not doing something by myself? Like writing this blog! Tweet about my latest project, song and so on! It has worked for me so far until they discover me there I have already been there "I`VE BEEN ON" ;) LOL quote borrowed from Beyonce. 
"For Natasha Shyrose means that I have always been into music even though I have not been performing live" 

This is the only hope we have for underground artist. Underground promotion until they find is FINDUS ;) Be your own everything after all its your dream and your goal! If someone wants to be part of it let them be there as long as they will take you where you want to be. That means if you wish to be part of my music journey you are more than welcome.  I have to say I was so lucky this year to get interviewed by Byavisa about my music. That is a local newpaper from Trondheim. I look forward for more interviews from those who have interest about my music! 

I will call this release tomorrow Pre-Release! Natasha Shyrose`s album will be released digitally until the Cd version will be available! I know I do things backwards! Put yourself into my shoes you would not wait forever! Sony or Universal? I have dreams but I can not wait forever! This is the reason why I am releasing this album. I have been waiting ever since I was 16 to make a complete album! That is too long yeah :) I will not wait for more 16 years for recording deal! I am the deal ;) I will spread my songs worldwide through internet . Hopefully they will reach you wherever you are! I will appreciate big time for your support while I am in progress! I am waiting for you for collaboration it can either be concerts, workshop, collaboration and making something completely new and different I am into it! I will write you more later since I have to fix some few things! Few actually a lot of things but one at a time :) Then it is few things for next 3 hours of constant working manually :) I  will show you what I have been up to later on :) 

Enjoy your day so far!


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