Saturday, April 27, 2013


Ur waist-Iyanya ( I just love these kind of songs you got me never seated)

I love West-African Music! 

I have just been at the West-African party in Trondheim. Today or yesterday Sierra Leone was
celebrating independent day! I was not so sure what to wear at such event because well its between two things party and special occasion. I had to be careful what I will wear and I even had to ask few friends who attended such events before. The answer I got was wear what you are comfortable in. You are beautiful whatever you wear will suit you Natasha! It was wonderful comment from a hot friend of mine :) To be 100% sure I just wore a very long dress nothing goes wrong wearing too long than too short! A remember once a friend of mine told me she was at the party and ended up to be the only one ins short dress. The hours she spent there were like a prison for her very uncomfortable. I personally do not care what people think about me but I do have big respect for special occasions which comes with invitations!

The party started around 20:00 and my husband was like you are going to be late. I told him I know how it works in Africa when you say 20:00 means 21:00 or 21:30 I was there around 22:00 and the place was almost empty. People started to come around 22:30 :) Perfect timing then free meal and drinks were served. While the music was playing hardly on the ground with very nice rhythm I was just tapping my fingers while seated until the dancing time arrived. I just couldn`t stop dancing from one track to another the music from West-Africa is truly groovy! They mix tribal element with modern western style and the whole thing turn to magic tone! I just had much fun and met a lot of people I know! Everybody was dancing and this is what I love about Africa parties people dance anytime and everybody is into it with or without alcohol people just dance! Its like a must or you look so weird sitting! It feels like maybe one is sick, tired, not enjoying the party! It was a celebration for Sierra Leone and we had to just enjoy with them! Facebook friends were there too and some of my fans! I love meeting my fans most of them are cool people and calm like "me" ? I am not calm all the time but little bit reserved and also I do not like that kind of attention which is too much. I love space and I respect people who gives me that! The greatest comment when people hear my music is always like are you the one singing this! Is this really you? You do not seem like that... " I know a lot of people when they release the track they want to walk on other´s head and feel like superstar on top of the world. As for me I do music for love and sake of music! Not for fame that people have to run and go wild. I just want my fans to be themselves and I can be myself too! I exchanged contacts with nice people who were constantly on the dance-floor but I had to leave the party earlier because I have to go to bed and enjoy my examination. Again!!!

I met a friend of mine Magne Hoven and we were discussing about music as usual! I will have to make a special blog article about him. It was nice of him to escort me to the main road (nilikua ughaibuni) because it was totally dark. Then we met bunch of strangers who asked us were they could buy "Soft-Is" Is like Ice-Cream corn I told them De La Luca and they said it tasted like crap over there! What were we drinking. We replied "Ginger Beer" that sounded interesting for them until they found out there was no alcohol into it! That was boring but funniest thing is they first wanted ice-cream there is no alcohol in it :) I just love people when they are drunk they are always amazing. Like yesterday in a town called Molde two people were arrested and a lady injured taken to the hospital because of the fight. They were drunk argued about the lady`s breast size that was the reason they broke into a great fight! This means one has to be very knowledgable about the which cups ladies use on their breast or you end up at the hospital! Alcohol makes the world really interesting....I hope the people involved into this episode to recover quickly! Monday is always interesting day in Norway a lot to talk about! Hangover! At least not for me. If I go out I dance until I can not walk no more the next day that is my sickness.."Danceholic" I am that kind of girl you may meet on the street who cripple after the night out or holding my shoes in the hands! I look totally not so different from drunk people then.. I also find everything to be so funny for no reasons when the clock pass 01:30pm
I wonder what this effect comes from or the cause but to be honest I turn totally weird, funny and dummy too at that time!

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