Saturday, April 20, 2013


What is Mduara?
Mduara means in the circle. With East African Definition of Mduara it means one has to get into the circle and dance. What people love to dance to is the local music and trust me here if you play Lady Gaga or Beyonce they will throw you out as a Dj. Mduara music is very popular in East Africa for dancing because here people dance in natural way following the rhythm that is in the DNA. East African women love to booty shake and twist/twerk their waists. This is the most common way of dancing! If you can make an East African woman move like this by your music then you have scored highly! What happens at Mduara concert? People get into the circle and dance together. It is very social and entertaining. Whoever dances well gets tipped with money on the circle but most especially the artist singing on the stage. Beside the money one gets payed to play the concert the fans likes to reward the artist who have greater skills at shaking/ belly dancing! The songs have meaningful lyrics which advices people on how to leave into relationship or simply they are about true life events that everybody know that they exist. Songs or lyrics one may even relate to and this is whereby people goes and give even more money to the artist. Some people make each other jealous by dancing about the message/ lyrics on the song which concern them. Its like people express their feelings through music and dance to it in a way that it make the person who is dissed uncomfortable "its sort of "The Boy Is Mine- Brandy ft Monica" type of lyrics then everybody knows what the song is about! There are also love songs whereby one will dance for their loved ones! Music is truly high used for communication in East Africa.

Here is the example of Mduara songs from one of my favourite East African Queen Of Mduara: Shilole!

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