Saturday, April 20, 2013


I wonder what sort of Album Cover Picture I should have. It`s my first time to create the full album even though in the past I have had about 15 songs out there online but this is my first album! New Image and Well Guess What! I will be performing most of my new songs in June in Trondheim. Stay tuned I will let you know where I will be performing.

Those ones were once an option! I have to come up with really great idea. Maybe no picture at all and instead make my twin to make his fine art/ creative ideas on the album cover! But then I truly miss working with Dag Asle he knows what he does behind the camera. And he is not that kind of photographer who thinks they can get a woman by offering free photos. Can you imagine! Dag Asle is very professional man behind the camera. I love working with the men who makes me feel like a boy! Yeah I mean it well like a woman it kind of stops one thinking further in a way that one is asked" Is it okay for you to perform?" , What does your husband think that you do this and that or with such a job! I mean I love to be treated neutral while working. All I need is do my job or be creative without thinking am a woman, mother or wife! I just want to stay focused on my goals! Think like a man is my way of doing things. But in most cases I am neutral and I love working with people who never point out my gender as cause of me doing one thing or the other! Thank you to everyone who supported my music and believed into me. Special thanks to all those who pushed my project to the next level! I wish to have mentioned them here even Trondheim Kommune! Wow! I love Norway for sure you have a project they do support it! I was sponsored the mastering part by Trondheim Kommune that means I owe them concert :) And those who pre-ordered my album each at least minimum 100 dollar but maximum 1000 dollars!!! I must have said this journey was long. I do not believe in luck because I have none but hey. These people truly had invested into me. I have to make sure they get free copy! I feel blessed and hopefully you will enjoy this album. I selected 12-30 songs! Ooops :)

What to expect on the album ?
Great songs from Swahili-English
From Pop/Rock/Dancehall/Lambada/Salsa/Reggae/Blues Rock/ Bongoflava?
My songs will be available on all Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and more! The Cd`s you will buy direct from me with my Signature! Feel free to pre-order:
I will let you know how you can purchase my Cd! Use the same email for booking for concerts!

Ideal sound on my album?
Tune to Amka Afrika and Born To Shine but all songs are totally different from one another! This album has different style. I would recommend artists to try to sing different styles its kind of help us to improve our vocal skills into different direction! After all I found out I love singing loud so my second album may be Rock, Funk Rock and........
I will still though create swahili songs! 
Kiswahili kinatia raha kuimba wee! 

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