Saturday, April 13, 2013


Beautiful strongest and powerful talented female boxer Ms.Cecilie Brækhus for Norway. Today she was to fight her opponent Ms.Mia from Playboy! Yes, Playboy chick should have learned that boxing is sport and not posing for the magazine. She was knocked out by Ms.Cecilie Brækhus! Ms.Mia St.Johns is 45 years old and she was slow to respond the punching or protect herself. As a cognitive and biological master student I can explain this. As we age we tend to react slowly at the stimuli into our environment. The white matter which makes us to act faster gets reduced on our axons. Axons are like telephone cables transferring information back and forth to our brains and to the joints to act. The more white matter one has the faster one is at reacting. As we age the amount of white matter reduces and we tend to be slow. The great news is the people who are active through workout or training will not be very slow than those who do not train at all. That is not the only reason of her winning but she is one of the WORLD BEST FEMALE BOXER! Norway is not only for skiing champions but also female boxing champion. By the way females plays great football here too. I have many times wished to see female teams playing against male teams to see who scores best :) I think by now you have understood I like things somehow twisted rather than normal way. The unthinkable and weird ideas makes things interesting! 

Back to Ms.Cecilia Brækhus I do idolise this woman strength, beauty, sharpness and focus! Today Norway we are celebrating for winning over the playboy queen Ms.Mia 

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