Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Beautiful scent of toffee, chocolate, lacrosse with aroma of warm coffee in the air is the most romantic experience on planet. This place is filled with high quality coffee from different countries, best selected tea-leaves and green tea with amazing scent. Some of the tea had even floral and fresh orange scent. Everything sold into the store should have been very expensive but instead it is so cheap. This is the greatest thing about being in Østersund-Sweden. Food and beverage is very cheap in Sweden! Actually almost everything!

The coffee shop is big enough for the products and just 3 special handmade stools facing the window for the street view. By having 3 stools in the shop did not stop the costumers coming in and out the shop like a cinema hall. They bought homemade chocolate of greatest taste ever found and take away warm drinks like coffee. While I stood with my husband selecting different types of chocolate and tea to take with us we finally got the three stools. We occupied them immediately. All of them 3 because my child was with us! I call my son MSWAHILI that is his name.  He was also enjoying chocolate without milk! The service at this coffee shop was excellent. The man working at this coffee shop was very polite too.

Suddenly we discovered special guitars hanging on the wall besides us. These guitars were very unique I have personally never seen something like this before. We got so curious to know where these guitars were made from. The man owning the shop told us he made them. The most amazing thing was not only the guitar but he also made amplifier. Our attention switched from coffee drinking to the guitar-maker things started to get so interesting. He made them from scratch all by himself. The talented and gifted man is called Tommy Johsson from Sweden. We asked him to show us how his guitars were created and we investigated carefully the technical design behind the production. He had few for sell but the price is very cheap for one man production. The guitar had different sound through the amplifier he created with Sony Speakers! Tommy Johsson played for us live guitar so that we could hear different sound it makes. It even had real rock sound too bad my iPhone could not record anymore because I had law battery. It was amazing saturday at Østersund with this great and talented man. We asked him if he played any music?  Yes he does I hope to get the link of his website I will share with you! I felt honoured getting to know this greatest man found in Sweden! This should be a must place to stop whenever you are in Østersund the coffee tastes beyond than what you are used to with wonderful aroma. My favourite coffee is Rwandan coffee they have it there too. Straight from Rwanda but also different flavours as well! They also ship their goods wherever you are. 
Travel and Discover! 

Address: (Gå gata) 
Pråstgatan 40
831 31

Telegott- Østersund

TeloGott Coffee& Chocolate Shop

Natasha Shyrose at TelOGott ( I guess I have to find tiny little camera instead of iPhone)

Here comes Tommy Jonsson the Guitar Manufacturer! 

It takes him 3 full days to create these mini amazing wonderful guitars!
Check out the inner part of it!
The guitar costs 2500 Swedish Kroner

Then he opened the amplifier! 

This is a genius work and he is one of them. Manmade guitar with amplifier of his own design is greatest thing ever! The greatest things of them all he was very calm, down to earth person who owns a coffee shop and also an IT- Expert yet so cool! God truly do give talents and the gifted people are of his  kind! I mean with very nice personality.  If it were not for the guitars which made us to discover about him; One would have thought he was simply a coffee& chocolate seller who gave best service to the costumers!


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