Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I wish to visit Mali and enjoy live concert of Mali artists especially Rokia Traorè . What a beautiful voice! These kinds of music existed in Africa before western pop-culture took over with storm. I was little bit envious of the people who were enriched with strong cultural roots who had special way of singing. I grew up with Mtv music ;) LOL 
Now you understand my passion of music to get influenced by artists like Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, James Brown, Vanilla Ice, Lene Marlyn, Garbage, Whitesnakes and plenty! Roots its beautiful to have can create special music! But when I made Amka Afrika I had no Idea where all those extra vocals were possible to be created by me. I just love this song because its the only song whereby I felt somehow connected to nature with raw organic sound. Thank to the ideal world that exposed itself to my consciousness. East Africans we do not do joiking but I just happened to have done so into that song. Unlike the lion sound of-course it could have been from hunters who tries to scare away the lions or so on! Which I was able to imitate through throat singing. I am planning to visit Africa largely to learn more about all my roots and apply into music to make unique sound! Yes I am connected into more than 3 countries! I should be very cultural enriched :)
Mali music is indeed so beautiful <3

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