Friday, January 11, 2013

Natasha Shyrose at Tivoli - Puerto De La Cruz

Tivoli at Puerto De La Cruz

                                                     Natasha Shyrose at Tivoli

That night of Tivoli at Puerto De La Cruz we decided to take the children for enjoyment. I had a lot of fun at the roller-coster the only person who did not sit on is my husband. Or else I enjoyed myself more than my children up there :) I never forget the feeling at the Disneyland in France with gigantic roller-costers but we had great time there too. I remember getting  all crazy in the shower since the spanish people were playing Samba drums at the main street outside my hotel . I speed up my showering wish would normally could have lasted least 30 minutes of my life. Now you know how to steal me just play the drum and I will respond immediately as if it is my second name ;). I love travelling to Puerto De La Cruz it is one of the Canaries Island. I just love this place it is beautiful and people are warm hearted. I just feel more than home over here. I would recommend anyone to visit this place especially if you have children. It is family place with no noise or too much unpredicted things happening. You know Islands everything goes slow and smooth. This place is peaceful and quiet one would enjoy it for relaxation too. Unlike me and my family we ended up walking every single day exploring each corner of the island! I will blog you more about places you should visit just incase you wish to visit Puerto De La Cruz!

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