Friday, January 11, 2013


Walking through the secret garden towards one of my favourites coffee shops

Does Detox beat these cookies? Trust me not? They are so tasty I just had to stop detoxing. I am not regreting a thing. Nothing tastes like the spanish baking. They are excellent and very cheap too at the coffee shops! 
 (Hapa diet utaiweza kweli imehusu mbona niliieka pembeni hiyo detox program. Usicheze na Natasha Shyrose mbele ya keki na vileja)
This is one of our favourite coffee shops. Their coffee is stronger than Arab coffee. I have enjoyed cup of strong coffee but here the coffee  is bitter sweet with delicious aroma. Now you understand why I had to eat cakes for my coffee ;) LOL I think I will google the cookies/cakes in Spanish way of baking. Now I am back to the Norwegian Salmon again and lots of fruits/water.

Blurry Image my daughter is excused. After all it was a midnight and all I wanted was coffee before I sleep! I can sleep immediately after drinking coffee can you? 

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