Monday, January 14, 2013

Haifa Wehbe "Enta Tani" English subtitles HQ هيفاء وهبى - أنت تاني

( Beautiful Children song maybe? I have no idea what she sings about but very nice colourful music video. There two or three languages I would love to learn; Arabic and Spanish/Italian) 

This is one of my favourite artist from Middle-East Haifa Wehbe. She is very beautiful and has beautiful voice. I love to explore talents and music gives us chances to have different variation. Art in general it is very inspiring to see how people from different part of the world express themselves. With music i think it is very interesting listening to the different vocal tones from different countries! I just love difference and this what makes things complete or the world would have been a boring place without difference. Especially myself I get bored so easily doing, listening, seeing same thing everyday. A little bit of extra something for a change makes the great difference. This is a reason why I love art and planet as whole. I love nature and even observing the sky daily it never boring. Everytime there is different formation of the clouds and colours on the sky this is what I call beauty! Beauty is Difference :)

Have a wonderful day!

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