Thursday, January 17, 2013


On my birthday 15th January I was on the middle of the project. Since I am doing master in Cognitive and Biological Psychology it is always a lot to read. To make the situation even more wildly was that my university organised a program which is called Expert in Team. We have to work with students from different faculties. I am on intensive course the whole of this January. All my birthdays I have been at school. I kind of loosing inspiration on what to do rather than writing down my goals and reflect on the previous goals I have achieved. I also praise Lord  by praying extra on this day for keeping me motivated to do what I do today!

I will never forget getting a morning surprise by the group members. One of them by the name of Mariell made blue-berry muffins with candle on. It was a wonderful surprise for me. I also had made my group members a lunch surprise. I believe the food I make no any other  place one can buy in Norway. So that day we had a wonderful evening! Since it was my birthday I just wanted to take out my family for dinner! I did not want the day to pass away without doing something little bit different. I have full day at campus! I wish I had full day at the studio instead ;) But well it is very amazing how this program was made. It taught me a lot about myself too. I am always used to work with people who think almost the same as myself and suddenly people were thinking totally different from me yet with very useful information at the same time. It was also wonderful to see that they also had interest on what I study! In which they thought it was a great deal and impressive stuff! This program should continue because it learns us a lot to work with people who have different skills on the same project! It was nice getting to knowing new students with different skills and very intelligent too.

It is so cold in Trondheim right now. We are having almost minus 14 grades in the day time and beyond that in the evenings. That did not stop me wearing my dinner dress anyway! My love always like to go the same restaurants just incase he finds them great. This is the same way I am also at times new things are not all that satisfying. But I have learned to try new things at least for change of environment! All I can say food at Eld is one of the best they have in Trondheim. They had great services too. The food again was the most delicious and the meat was so soft as if the tickled the duck-breast I ate ;) The desert was also very amazing. Now I have found my newest greatest place to eat in Trondheim! I wish I had taken the photos that night but I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I have instead borrowed some pictures from Eld Facebook Page. I would recommend everyone to go and enjoy one of the most wonderful restaurant and bar in Trondheim! Guess what how old I am..... ;)

Eld Restaurant &Bar in Trondheim

Why is it always men best in the kitchen ;) The food at Eld Restaurant Tastes Delicious!

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