Friday, December 28, 2012

Ravage Rose - Back In Time ( Miriam Zohra Labreche

Meet Ms. Miriam Zohra Labreche one of the talented rock female artist in Trondheim. I have been knowing Miriam Zohra for more than 8 years now! The first time I met her she was like "Hello, My name is Miriam. What Is yours? I said Natasha or Blackrose. Then Miriam replied "Yepp, We female artists have to know each other. You know what I mean.
That was the funniest thing I have ever heard from the stranger. Since then I just ended up liking this girl a lot for her charm and friendship. Miriam Zohra is one of the people like myself who have been in the music game for a long time. She is very kind and supportive. I think this is one of the few female artists I met who loves what other female artists do and support them. I am like that too; I do not praise someone because I need no free tickets or Cd, Back-stage pass. Thats not me I simply pay for the concert I attend and buy Cds of my favourite artists. Especially when I know its my friends or people I know I support them even more. It is not easy to give free things all the time to our friends instead of supporting us they are the ones drowning us ;) They should even pay more like some of my friends who bought my album for 100 dollars in advance. I do not only talk of one person but different people who have already ordered the Cd before even it was made. That is love and support. I mean we should support the artist we want to see more of in future!

In Trondheim it is a lot of male artist dominating the scenes. It is challenge to be a female artist in Trondheim. Imagine all the magazine about music you read about the front covers are male and if the female has to be on they end up naked. I would rather not be on the cover than standing naked. Hey, its not like am not hot but what the purpose of it. After all we are all hot in different ways. It does not mean that we have to prove to the whole world. I guess I gave grown up to think this way! We want to do music and not porn. Well an artist can write something almost like soft porn but we do not have to act it. I truly wish and hope 2013 most female artists in Trondheim can be more active and accepted as talents too. I wish to see more female on stage including myself!

Miriam Zohra Labreche has finally found herself a great band Ravage Rose. This band has dedicated members and musicians!They are very new with great music. Enjoy the songs from Miriam Zohra!

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