Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Odd Is Bold Official Website is on (www.oddisbold.biz)

Model: Siv Sundli
Photographer:Martine Allansdatter Eilertsen
Designer: Odd Is Bold  

I love this photo from one of my clients who works at one of my favorite restaurant Troll in Trondheim (http://www.trollrestaurant.no/). It was a wonderful pleasure working with this lady. Siv is beautiful and photogenic that I just had to have her photo featured! What I do with my clients is let them decide beside that I design and make their dresses. I love to listen to what they want and how they prefer their final look to be like. As a designer I will either use free creativity on how pattern or details should be replaced and advice what will work on not. At Odd Is Bold we construct a design with our clients. Listening and get connected to their needs that is what I love to do. I once used to make things and people just purchase online or we do alteration if needed. The day one of my friends asked me to design her wedding dress the happiness and appreciation she had inspired me to work with people face to face and closer. It feels great to have connection with the people one works with that is one of the reasons you will never find plenty of dresses on our website. We have no idea what our clients want! When they contact us its when we interact and find what suits them best from body form, color and much more! We are all different and none of us fits well into standard size and this has truly made us grow! Most of our clients wants something that fits them perfect and just for them. None of them wants to wear a dress everybody else has. We also dropped webshop because we connect direct with our clients that gives them experience of being part of the entire production! As a fashion designer I get plenty of challenges and learn along the way what works or not and regulate myself. Growth is what I enjoy into every process I put myself into. It motivates me to do more and become better from day to day. Meanwhile I am working with summer brides from Trondheim and Tanzania. I look so very forward to work with our newest partner in UK! More news to come about this great event :)

I feel an honor to get opportunity to collaborate with Briz from Trondheim. If you want a custommade suit remember to use my name as a code. That will give you a great discount at the counter code: NATASHA www.briz.no 

What I do for Briz is designing dresses for women who wants to own special pieces into their wardrobe. Perhaps I will be the next Balmain in nearest future. They say when you dream aim higher he is one of my inspirations also Vera Wang! We have an interest to parade into runways in London again, Dubai, Lagos, South Africa, Milano and New York! They say sky is the limit but I think our minds are limits! Expand and go beyond your thought dream big that you run sweat of thinking of what you wish to achieve. Do not stop there but also work everyday a step to make you approach your goals! Contact us for interview, featuring or booking for consultation or designs 
Email: oddisbold@gmail.com 

                                             Do what you love and love what you do!

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