Friday, January 29, 2016

Lisa Gerrard - Vespers

                                                       Artist: Lisa Gerrard - Vespers
Lisa Gerrard`s music touches my soul <3 

This lady is very special! At least to me because of her composition is just beyond beauty! We all have different tests of music and sound. I love listening to everything that moves me my soul, shake my body and set my blood circulation going! Music is indeed medicine to cure us in many different ways naturally :) I do love Lisa Gerrald`s music whenever I want to relax and shutter my mind from daily chaos. For my readers you know the importance of ME-TIME. Whenever one needs to detox own mind has to block out everything that takes away a lot of energy from us. Its like recharging ourselves again being into meditative state or just silent and relaxing! If you do not have never tried it do not hesitate to give yourself minimum of 15 minutes daily just you! Nobody else but yourself and experience the mind and body total relaxation! We all need it no matter how busy life seem to be unless life circumstances stops you. We are not into same life phase because some people are on run while you read this, right now. This is for you who is still so lucky to have a moment to take a break. Do not take moments of our lives for granted. Learn to treasure small things by simply relaxing at least try to take time for that as well. Imagine at times people get sick because they never relaxed. 
May our prayers tonight go to Norway going through thunder storm "Tor" right now. I pray that you are safe  wherever you are. Tor is just the beginning we should expect more of such events in future. Wishing you all a wonderful evening. I pray all those affected to be rescued in right time and get right treatment if needed. 


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