Monday, January 11, 2016


                                               Natasha Shyrose rocking golden jumpsuit!
Mind you little light made my skin complexion different I do no bleaching ;) For those who bleach do your research and see how poisonous it is for your skin and internal organs!

 I love jumpsuits like and I do collect them. If you find any website with coolest jumpsuit just link me up. There is something special about them but very tricky to wear. Imagine if you really have to use the bathroom taking it off can make you dance your ancestors traditional moves. Greatest part of the jumpsuits is that one does not have to think of finding top because its a pant and top on at the same time! If you like this jumpsuit in particular ladies and wish one for yourself just email me through: Great news we still have them in stock in different sizes. Wearable at any point of time whether its winter, spring, autumn or summer! What I love most about this jumpsuits is the images from Egypt and the color is super amazing golden, black and brown! Talk of style by the way my label Odd Is Bold will be showcasing in Trondheim at Bride Show :) More news to come much to be done until then!

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