Thursday, August 6, 2015


                                              Rihanna is absolutely hot no question!
                                                               Love RiRi!

Photos found from her music page on facebook: 
I liked this artist from the first time Pon RePlay song back into my days when I used to stay in bigger city whereby the nightclubs were real nightclubs. Well I love where I stay right now the nature is promising and wonderful unfortunately no nightclubs of my standards. I am talking about having 2-4 floors of the nightclubs, different type of music played from Rock, Pop, Blues, African Vibes, Jamaican Vibes and Trance/Dance/House/Eletronic. Not least mentioning disco-lights and all those effect like winds, smoke not from cigarettes but you know the effects on the dance-floor and people there are just meeting to dance and enjoy the moment! No one cares what is going on or who does what! I love such kind of places that one can just enjoy the moment away. I look forward one day to join the Carnivals either in Rio or Barbados? Islanders we love islands I think somewhere Barbados I have to enjoy the air striking through the fathers. Rihanna is extremely hot! Islanders we love to keep it hot yep am an Island too except that we do not go in feathers ;)
                       (Rihanna such a teaser I wonder what she is ironing the feathers or.......)

     When you making a dance routine like most islander trust me working out in the studio will be the last thing you need.


Now that is how we move it too in East Africa! If a girl can not dance she is not a big deal :)
How can one work it if can not twerk and twist, grind, shake, wine upon it?

                                                              Hot and Natural
When is the next carnival who is ready for Barbados? 
See you in 2017 my 2016 travel is already planned 3-5 countries/places will be visited :)

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