Friday, August 21, 2015

Korn- Forsaken

My meditation song:

I love this song and Korn is one of my favourite rock artists. Korn band has extremely beautiful music and this is one of the songs I can meditate to entering into another dimension! Whatever we seek for is within yourself just listen to your inner voice let it guide you. In order to see you have to close your eyes. Your mind knows everything even the ones you are not aware you or suppressed through subconscious. Pay close attention to your dreams they have messages to decode and its your guidance. Or simply meditate about just anything. Your chakra will open and enlighten you and nothing anymore will be new experience than DeJaVu!

"Nothing is real everything is illusion. Create your own reality".

 Enjoy Weekend!


  1. nice song...kan noen hjelpe meg å bli bedre på norsk skriftig


  2. Hei Hans,

    Du bør lese norsk grammatikk og øve på oppgaver i grammatikk!

    Lykke til :)