Sunday, August 2, 2015

Diamond Platnumz Ft Mr Flavour - Nana

Enjoy the best taste of one of the Top Male Artist from East Africa (Tanzania). I like Diamond`s music, dancing and his energy on the scene! The artists is known as Diamond Platnumz. He has unique way of singing with his special flavor. He is known for presenting Tanzania international that something never been done before. To be honest Tanzania has plenty of talents and greatest artists to present at international levels. The dominating challenge is control of talents in music industry in a way that not all artists` music will be played on radio stations or exposed. I think this trend has to change so that there will be more artists to present the country and East African region to international level. Luckily there are plenty of radio stations one can send the music to despite the industry is very controlled.

Loosen up Bongo achieni basi vipaji vionekane ili vizidi kunawiri. Mtabana hadi lini ndio maana hatupokei tunzo nyingi kama wenzetu wa kinigeria!"

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