Tuesday, June 9, 2015


#Morning Selfie at the Hotel in Trondheim 

Best way to start the morning is warm shower, my favourite perfume which for now is Roberto Cavalli and Victor & Rolf and a cup of coffee! Meditation and prayers is a must as the matter of fact it is the first thing I do when I open my eyes. Thanking the universe and my creator to give me a gift of seeing the new day! 

That was before I went for the art exhibition at Byåsen: 

If you are living in Trondheim there is one exhibition for sure you should not miss out! It was wonderful and great pleasure to experience one of Petter Selliseth first exhibition entitled: Phases. Petter his is great musician and painter too. The other day I blogged about him was when he made a great concert at Sunndal and around Norway for Pink Floyd contribution. This artist and musician happened to also have other wonderful talents such as drawing and painting. It is indeed not too late to explore our inner potential and follow our dreams!  I enjoyed myself with my family being there for both live concert whereby Petter Selliseth played his self composed songs and also connected with his audience during the exhibition through interaction while enjoying his art. It was very inspiring being there. You will enjoy the art which is still at this great location at Byåsen, Venue: Galleri Lilje- Vegmeisterstien 12-Ferstad Gård-Byåsen. You can meet Petter every saturday and sunday from 12:00-15:00 with live acoustic concert played by him with his own music! 
Here are some of the paintings I took picture of: But being at the location where exhibition takes place is a wonderful experience that you should not miss out! 

Petter Selliseth on the right with my husband taking about art & music!
Natasha Shyrose enjoying art! 

Flying Pig is one of my favourite paint!
I liked this one too! 

   I love this gallery its very beautiful place. The architect and windows.. Just so beautiful. Norwegian style is amazing. I wish they continue to build houses with inspiration from old days! I will find a way to upload the video of music played by the artists during the exhibition!

                                                           I wish you a beautiful week!

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