Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nakupendaje-Natasha Shyrose (WaterflyMusic Production)

 More Music by Natasha Shyrose:

Well this is not a music video. It just one of the ways I had to put my music on youtube :) Enjoy yourself "Nakupendaje". That is a swahili title meaning "How much I love you". It was amazing experience recording the song with WaterflyMusic Production. Unlike other songs this one I had nothing to do with on production. Because I found my producer had already created the beat all I had to do was to create the melody. I actually just walked inside the studio and heard the beat and started to sing on. He went like that is nice melody. Do you want to sing on this beat? I was so happy knowning that the beat was not for anyone else yet. Then I laid my vocals after I composed the lyrics to it. I normally love to sing on any beat I hear before the song even start. It does not matter the style it just feels natural and goes in perfectly. All in all into my songs I love to be part of production as sit next to the producer and be pain in the ass follow up the entire progress. Almost well it is so much fun to work with me because despite being creative I love let others use their creativity too. Just that I like to follow up the progress of the song to polish up certain things. I will be working on my next single this summer. Something energetic to get you dance and my swahili fans you have to wait little bit for the swahili song nothing much I will offer you than hottest song of 2015 in Swahili! Yeah East African people like heat so offering them warmth into music will keep them cheered up. This is swahili song but inspired of Salsa genre. I am on youtube. One day I will create music video but I guess I need sponsors for this. I need it to be as wild as it can get well wild as myself. I am unpredictable just like nature and wild but very selective into my actions and moves. So do not read me like I do all sort of stuff out there or go down for whatever. I am very selective because what we choose is what we become. What I am is what I have created for myself- its perfect- I seek for no approval to fit in anywhere. Be yourself and explore your inner potentials because you were given all your creator has decoded into your DNA to explore. You need no approval to be whoever you need to be into this life!

Summer concert or christmas is what I day dream. For booking, interview, collaboration, projects (Music & Fashion)


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